Your Motivations

When choosing a design, you should also choose a ‘Motivation’.
These are the types of images that will be used to create your new site.

The following images are broken up into 3 sets. Choose the set that works for your business style!

(Click ‘More Images Here’ to see our full selection list)


Images based on a Professional, Business appearance. Many choices are available to present your business specialty.



Leisure consists of 3 different forms of image. Choose “Pets / Animals”, “Beaches / Coastlines”, or “Mountains / Lakesides”



Family presents a “Family Focused” outlook for your business. You can ask for either full families or more children based families.


Choose Your Logo Design

As part of your purchase, you get a basic logo at no cost. These are free and strictly for your website. Let us know if you need a customized solution


More About...

taxPro website FAQ's and TERMS OF SERVICE

Answering your most requested questions…

what happens next

When you place your order, it is set into a queue. There may be a delay before we process your order. We build all sites as they are processed. The goal for your website is to go from purchase to completion in 72 hours or less.

If your domain is at another registrar (say you purchased from another company) this can delay your build. Additional features or addons could extend this time.

What should I do next?

Once your order is processed, you will receive a notification. This explains a few items to help us quickly build your site.

To help expedite development, you may use our quick development form here…


Make sure to fill this form out completely. This should be filled out only after you receive this notification.

This form has all of the spaces used on the typical Tax PRO site. Your content, staff, testimonials. Fill this out and this is the content that will be used for your new site.


where is my site

You should receive a notification within 3-4 days after purchase to review your site. If you do not receive a notice from us, please enter a ticket at

Keep in mind that between the months of December and January there may be delays. If we do not receive your website content, company logo, or if your domain name is not registered with us you may experience a delay. Please follow directions swiftly and diligently to avoid such delays.

my domain name is with another company

If you have a domain name registered with another company there will be additional steps to follow before beginning the process of building your website.

If you are going to transfer your domain to us (move your domain here), then it is important to watch for emails from us and your current registrar. Also, please pay attention to the steps that are given to set up your domain name.

We require name server updates before building your website.

If you place an order and your domain is not with us, please make sure to keep an eye out for emails from sitedarthosting. Expect delays if we cannot reach you or you are not able to make the changes.

I have email elsewhere

Though not part of the Tax PRO plan, we can help in migration of email. If you purchase the Business plan, we will do this free …up to 5 email accounts. Charges apply to the BASIC plan and more than 5 mailboxes.

But, there is no issue leaving your email elsewhere. Please make sure to notify us of whether you plan to keep your mail or start anew.

ability to make minor changes

Part of your agreement is a customized home page and content within the context and parameters of the design chosen. Inner pages are not editable without forfeiting the data that is fed into those pages. If you need additional changes please contact us.

Once we begin the review stage you can make minor changes including but not limited to:

  • Homepage banner (top) image
  • Color scheme (one change allowed. Additional changes are billable)
  • Text changes within the parameters of the design chosen.
  • Basic fixes or links added (for example, new social networks)

Changing the theme is not included. Adding new features is also not included.

Additional changes can be made at the rate of $85 per hour.

wait...i want a different design

we must know if you wish to use a different design than what you signed up for within 24 hours after purchase. We do minor customizations on your site, and replacing the design leads to extra work.

If you want a new design after the site is complete, there is a 1 time fee of $175 for labor.

Make sure you choose what you want.

can I call and discuss my site

This is not an issue. But, keep in mind that we prefer all changes, edits and instruction provided via email using our ticket system ( This allows us to keep a written record of what has been requested, and adjust accordingly.

If you still wish to discuss your site and changes via phone, this is considered consultation and will be billable at $85 per hour (please note: billing questions or basic instruction, like where to go to login is fine…but, anything over 15 minutes becomes billable).

The following are the terms of service for your new taxPro website



Sites can take an estimated 5 business days for setup. Some restrictions may apply. If your domain already exists elsewhere, this could take longer depending on the registrars updates. We will send a review upon our first edit completion of your chosen design. At this time you may make changes to the HOME page only. If you wish edits to internal pages, extra fees may apply. Make sure to group all changes within one ticket or email. Further emails and adjustments could be billable.

If the website review has not been completed within 7 days, site will be launched as is. It is VERY important to watch an email for communications within the first 3-5 days of development to verify the design matches your needs.

Sites belong to the owner while hosted on our servers. If the subscription is cancelled, licensing fees may apply to move elsewhere. As well, non-payment of the monthly fee can lock your site until all overdue fees are paid.

If you host your site with SiteDart Hosting for a minimum of one (1) year, licensing fees are waived and you gain full ownership of your website and files. You may continue to pay the monthly fee to gain tax information updates, tax tools updates, and software updates. You may move to our Managed plan as well, but only software updates will be done when under this plan.

SSL’s are hosting company specific. Moving the site to another company means you must purchase a new SSL. If your domain is registered elsewhere and you wish to use your DNS, we cannot guarantee our internal SSL will work. You will need to purchase an SSL for proper security.

DNS services are provided by SiteDart Hosting as long as your subscription is current. We use a CDN service for nameservers. The CDN provides a huge performance increase and blocks malicious country access to your site for malicious use. If you wish to have access to your DNS, we cannot guarantee performance, or the safety of your site. Also, if controlling your own DNS, SSL’s may need to be purchased seperately. Any issues found with your site when you are in control of your DNS could lead to billable fees.

Email is specific to the hosting company. Non-payment can lead to loss of email services. Email becomes inaccessible until fees are paid. If fees are not paid up within 90 days, all email and website files will be removed and deleted.

SiteDart Studio retains the right to display graphics and other web content elements as examples of their work in their portfolio and as logos on the customers website to display they’re the rightful developer. If you remove any content or make adjustments to your website, some of the above services may not apply. Updates may not be applied, as one example.

We will do basic changes to your website, like address updates, phone numbers, a single image, etc. Anything that requires a “change” to the initial design may be billable. We will offer costs at the time of request.

Any additional services not specified in the Description of Services, above, will be charged to customer on an hourly rate.


All agreed upon charges for service must be paid in full at launch date. Charges and fees are set in your original proposal and as outlined below. Once 48 hours of development has passed, no refunds will be allowed.

Site Development

The development cycle starts after selection of design and receipt of billing information, and only during business work days.

Your site is built with a basic set of pages (Welcome, Tax Information, Tax Tools, and a contact page). Depending on the selection of Add-ons you have chosen, your site will be built with that number of pages using prepared content. Images used will be based on the style selected (Business, Leisure, Family). Any additional pages may incur a fee.

  • Allowed changes to content will include-

1. Business Name, Addresses, Phone Numbers
2. Logo Image (either provided by customer or SiteDart Studio provided)
3. Three Services may be selected as part of text added to site
4. Social Media buttons added (up to 5).
5. One submission of the development form.

As part of your agreement, some minor changes are allowed (colors, certain text, etc). Any major design changes beyond original approved design may incur additional costs. Additional changes beyond the initial development form may incur fees.

Designs and content are otherwise provided “As Is”.

Any software issues that arise will be repaired while subscription is active. This does not cover customer tampering. Any plugins or other tools installed by customer will null this warranty.

Any malware found will be cleaned at no cost, unless tampering by customer discovered. One example of this, is the use of simplified passwords or disabling our security plugins. Any repairs will be done at our standard hourly rates.

TaxPRO Add-ons

Refunds are available 24 hours after the purchase of a TaxPRO add-on. After 24 hours we will not honor a full refund.

TaxPRO add-ons are provided “As Is”. If there is a software error please notify us so we can find a solution or a replacement. If any tampering by the customer is discovered then our standard hourly rate will apply to fixing the issue or software.

Any additional modifications or changes to the add-on is subject to our standard hourly rates.

Tax Tips and News are provided by

Taxing Subjects –

IRS Tax Tips –

SiteDart Hosting and its affiliates cannot be responsible for any information shared via these outlets. They are strictly informational. Any issues with their provided news feeds should be brought up with the respective news provider at the sites noted above.


Terms are subject to change without notification.

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