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Websites designed for Tax Preparers. SiteDart Studio, a subsidiary of
Drake Software,
builds mobile ready responsive designs for your new tax website.

Each site comes complete with a great set of tax tools, calculators, and ready-to-use text that you can change to your liking.

Modern Looks

Each site comes with the modern designs that large companies use today. Tons of great artwork for your business style and tons of functionality.

Runs on WordPress

Powering the largest number of websites on the Internet, WordPress offers features to help you grow. Start basic and then grow with some powerful addons like online appointment booking and more.

Tax Tools at the Ready

Tax form search tools, financial calculators and checklists for your customer are just the start. We also know and Securefilepro to get your links set up out of the box.


Making it easy…

Choose your Design and Motivation

Make a selection from our pre-made sample designs below, then choose your photo ‘Motivation’ (Business, Leisure, Family) that fits your company outlook.

Pick a Package

Starter, Business, Pro. Each package offers benefits for companies from 1 to 100 employees.

Have your site ready in 72 hours

We will install your package, setup your site with your business name, and even give you a basic logo to get started.


Pick your style…

Various Designs, Color Schemes and Styles…

An excellent fit for small to mid-sized accounting firms. Different color palettes and layouts. More coming soon.


Tax Preparer Websites

Design Seven

Using “Business” Style

Tax Preparer Websites

Design Eight - *NEW*

Using “Business” Image Style with Business Plan (5 Pages)

Tax Preparer Websites

Design Nine - *NEW*

Using “Leisure” style and Business plan (5 page)

Choose a Design and Inspiration for your Business

Tax Preparer Websites

Design One - *UPDATED*

Using “Business” Image Style with Business Plan (5 Pages)

Tax Preparer Websites

Design Two

Using “Leisure” style

Tax Preparer Websites

Design Five

Using “Business” Style with Business Plan (5 pages)


Choose the right package…


Always know what you’ll pay.




A beautiful simple
tax website solution

10 Email Accounts
FREE Spam Mail Control
3 Page Website with powerful tax tools Pre-Made Content Just add your business name and Securefile Pro Customer Links Preset for you
SSL Certificate secure your customers information




The perfect solution for
businesses of all sizes

Includes the Starter set PLUS...

25 Email Accounts
5 Page Website  with enhanced tax tools
Appointments Calendar
 schedule online
Newsletters System with Mailchimp




Advanced features as
your business grows

Includes the Starter  and Pro set PLUS...

Secure File System use Dropbox or Google Drive to share files securely
Invoicing System allows you to create estimates, invoices and accept payments online via PayPal 


For more information…

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