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Extra Features for your TaxPro Website

Tax Tips and Newsletters

Increase your websites traffic by adding a tax blog and newsletters.

Tax information and tax news will be displayed on your website and newsletters can be sent to subscribers and customers. An additional page will be created called “Tax News and Tips”. Upload your list of customers and send them the latest tax news and updates.

Online Scheduling Calendar

Give your customers the ability to schedule an appointment anywhere at anytime.

Organize and manage your schedule and calendar with your upcoming appointments. Let your customers schedule an appointment anywhere at any time. Integration with Google calendar is available.

Accept Online Payments

Allow your customers to pay for your services anywhere.

Setup online transactions with PayPal and accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

EA Page for Enrolled Agents

Additional tax information for your customers.

An additional page with information specific for an EA (Enrolled Agent) will be added to your taxPRO website. This enhanced page increases search engine optimization and offers more information about your EA status.


Give your visitors the option to translate your website

Website translation is available in most languages including Spanish, French, Chinese, Hindi, etc. Visitors will be able to change the language of your taxPRO website.

Additional Pages / Custom Website Development

Need something else not mentioned? Have a great idea to expand your business?

Development & Design

Please contact us for any additional work that you may need for your taxPRO website. We would love to help you find a solution!

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